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Recommended one-time dose - 50 mg. eriacta (1/2 tablet)
tengenix made a real revolution in the industry. Max day dose - 100 mg. (1 tablet)
Min dose - 25 mg. (1/4 tablet)
To take eriacta is recommended with the dose 50 mg (it depends on individual transferability(low or high) - 100 mg (one tablet eriacta)
Max. using of eriacta - 1 time a day.
Preparation is used fasting, one hour before sexual intimacy. It you eat fat food, low effect 20-40% and you will wait for necessary effect 2-3 hours. It is not recommended to use much alcohol. Duration of effect eriacta depends on features organizm and it is 5 hours. A good results of erection was seen in a year of using eriacta.